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JETT'S CREEK - BIO (see below for individual bios)

The traditional bluegrass tunes, tight family harmony and incredible original material by the 6-piece bluegrass band,  JETT'S CREEK helped launch the band’s first national album release, “SUPPOSED TO BE” in 2008.  
The group is getting ready to release heir brand new album, “GUILTY” coming May 5, 2010.  The California Bluegrass Association said Jett's Creek has "stirring vocal harmonies and carefully blended instrumentation" and calls their sound "authentic and doing justice to what bluegrass is all about.  
Angie Young  co-produced the band’s album “Supposed to Be” with her younger brother and co founding member of the band Adam McIntosh. Angie not only provides her outstanding lead vocals to Jett's Creek, but she is an accomplished songwriter and producer. She penned the title track from “SUPPOSED TO BE” along with the captivating a cappela song, “The Prayer;” plus “Please” and “One Small Problem” appearing on “GUILTY” where she also served as Producer. Angie’s Dad, Jon McIntosh wears several hats in the group. You will hear his lead vocals on many of the hard driving bluegrass tunes as well as rhythm guitar and harmony vocals.  Jon has also provided original tunes to “SUPPOSED TO BE” writing, “Now I’m Thru With You” and “Two Ships.” Jon was a founding member of the early 80’s bluegrass band, Misty Mountain based in Lebanon, Ohio. In the late 80’s he helped form the band Timely Arrival. After years of performing, Jon took a break to concentrate on his young family, but after retirement, he joined forces with his children, Adam and Angie, to form Jett’s Creek.



Angie Young

One of the founding members of Jett’s Creek along with her brother Adam and her dad Jon. Not just the pretty face in the group, Angie has penned The Prayer, Supposed to Be, Please and One Small Problem as well contributing to lead and harmony vocals. Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange  (FAME) has said "Angie's voice lies somewhere south of AlisonKrauss and north of Dale Ann Bradley" which in any circle is extrordinary company to be in.

One of Angie’s earliest memories is at age 5 singing “The Devil Is a Sly Old Fox” on a Sunday morning for the Clarkesville Pentecostal Church congregation. The performing bug had bitten! As she grew older she tagged along with her dad to hear him play the bluegrass festivals. Before long she had fallen in love with not just the music, but the people she was able to meet at the festivals. After several years of singing locally Angie married and chose to stay home and raise her family. Now with her three children being older and the support of her husband she is looking forward to finding out what God holds in store for Jett’s Creek!   Contact Angie via email at:



Jon McIntosh

Jon McIntosh wears several hats in the group. You will hear his lead vocal on many of the hard driving bluegrass tunes as well as rhythm guitar and harmony vocals. Jon has also written a couple of the songs on the new Jett's Creek release Supposed To Be. Jon has been playing bluegrass music for what seems to be his whole life. He is a founding member of Misty Mountain, a bluegrass band out of Lebanon Ohio in the early 1980’s. Later in the decade Jon helped form Timely Arrival. After years of playing and practicing Jon took a break to concentrate on his young family. Coming out of retirement Jon has joined up with a couple of members of his now “grown” family, daughter Angie and son Adam to create Jett’s Creek.

You can contact Jon at

Jeff Byrd (Bass)

Tim Hale (Banjo and vocals)

Chuck Little (mandolin)


Nathan Bray (lead guitar)


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